Cosmetic accessories


You cannot apply true beauty with a brush, but you can underline your natural beauty in that way.


The most beautiful make-up loses its effect if it is applied unevenly. High-quality cosmetic sponges, powder puffs and applicators ensure correct creation of your favourite look. For men a well-groomed beard is the be-all and end-all. High-quality shaving brushes of pure badger hair make it possible to apply shaving foam gently and accurately – the basis for every good shave.

Cellulose cosmetic sponge, pack of 2 oval 11x8cm

Art.-Nr. 20020

Latex cosmetic sponge, round Ø6cm

Art.-Nr. 20021

Latex cosmetic sponge, oval 6x8cm

Art.-Nr. 20022

Cellulose cosmetic sponge, compressed sticks

Art.-Nr. 20024

Powder-puff small

Art.-Nr. 20029

Latex cosmetic sponge, pack of 2

Art.-Nr. 20030

Powder-puff large

Art.-Nr. 20031

Facial brush

Art.-Nr. 20251

Eye mask

Art.-Nr. 20285

Sleeping-mask, satin

Art.-Nr. 20286

Applicator double

Art.-Nr. 20520

Eyebrow pencil sharpener

Art.-Nr. 20530

Hammam glove, fine

Art.-Nr. 60060

Hammam glove, coarse

Art.-Nr. 60061

Soapbox for travel, metal (size: 9,5x6x4,5cm)

Art.-Nr. 60104

Soapdispenser, bamboo wood

Art.-Nr. 60107

Toothbrushholder, bamboo wood

Art.-Nr. 60108

Cotton box, bamboo wood

Art.-Nr. 60109


Art.-Nr. 60900

Rasierpinsel, Silberspitz, Größe M

Art.-Nr. 60901

Rasierpinsel, Silberspitz, Größe L

Art.-Nr. 60902

Rasierpinsel, Silberspitz, Größe XL

Art.-Nr. 60903

Sisal soapbag

Art.-Nr. 60113

Hammam bowl

Art.-Nr. 90111

Bamboo soap dish

Art.-Nr. 60103

Facial care glove, organic cotton

Art.-Nr. 60037

Gel mask, large

Art.-Nr. 20284

Rasierpinsel, reines Dachshaar, versch. Griffe

Art.-Nr. 60910

Cellulose cosmetic sponge, pack of 4 round Ø 8cm

Art.-Nr. 20023

Wooden facial brush

Art.-Nr. 20250

Konjac Sponge for facial care

Art.-Nr. 20034