Gift sets


Giving brings you more joy than taking. As a matter of fact, the positive feeling resulting from giving not only has an effect on the person we make happy with a gift, but also on ourselves.


Every individual is unique, but we wish all of us good health and well-being.


Our gift sets with a selection of high-quality bath brushes, sponges, massage rollers, nail brushes and peeling products transform your bathroom into a wellness oasis. The beautiful wooden boxes, baskets and zinc tubs in which our gift sets are arranged additionally serve not only as packaging, but can also be used afterwards for storage or decorative

Gift set in silver bath tub

Art.-Nr. 40010

Gift set in wooden pail, striped

Art.-Nr. 40013

Gift set in Bamboo box

Art.-Nr. 40018

Wicker basket "Nature", large

Art.-Nr. 40042

Bathtub "Chick"

Art.-Nr. 40085

Bathtub "Bunny"

Art.-Nr. 40086

Bathtub, assorted colours

Art.-Nr. 40087

Bathtub "Snowman"

Art.-Nr. 40088

Bathtub "Santa Claus"

Art.-Nr. 40089

Bathtub "Moose"

Art.-Nr. 40091

Zinc Bathtub "Nature"

Art.-Nr. 40094

Gift set in golden bathtub

Art.-Nr. 40101

Giftset in toasted wooden bucket

Art.-Nr. 40102

Giftset in wicker basket "Nature"

Art.-Nr. 40103

Shower rack

Art.-Nr. 40104

Giftset "Peppermint"

Art.-Nr. 40700

Giftset "Merry Berry"

Art.-Nr. 40701

Giftset for the bath

Art.-Nr. 40710

Giftset "Pig"

Art.-Nr. 40720

Giftset "red dog"

Art.-Nr. 40724

Giftset "yellow duck"

Art.-Nr. 40725

Giftset "Frog"

Art.-Nr. 40721

Bathtub "Pearl"

Art.-Nr. 40077

Giftset "Beachparty", 4 available colours

Art.-Nr. 40740

Gift set in bamboo pail

Art.-Nr. 40017

Gift set in bamboo box

Art.-Nr. 40050

Bamboo bathtub rack

Art.-Nr. 40105

Zinc Bathtub with leather handles

Art.-Nr. 40095

Gift set in wooden box, striped

Art.-Nr. 40006

Gift set in wooden pail, striped

Art.-Nr. 40005