Natural massage


Hands are the most important instruments of a good massage – your own or those of the masseur. But with natural massage products, such as brushes, sponges and gloves, other massage techniques that allow us to rediscover the massage experience are also possible.


High-quality massage products of natural and renewable materials like sisal, flax, linen, wood and cotton ensure cleansing deep into the pores and joyous relaxation. No matter whether you use massage brushes, sponges, gloves or belts and decide in favour of a traditional massage, shiatsu or Lomi Lomi Nui, relaxation is guaranteed with exquisite massage products from nature.

Sauna bucket

Art.-Nr. 3500

Sauna spoon

Art.-Nr. 3501

Wooden massageball

Art.-Nr. 20247

Small bamboo massage brush with coconut bristles

Art.-Nr. 20283

Bamboo massage brush with coconut bristles

Art.-Nr. 20287

Sisal glove, coarse knitted

Art.-Nr. 60010

Sisal glove, fine knitted

Art.-Nr. 60015

Sisal back strap, fine knitted

Art.-Nr. 60016

Tempico massage glove

Art.-Nr. 60020

Tempico massage pad

Art.-Nr. 60022

Cotton glove

Art.-Nr. 60030

Cotton back strap

Art.-Nr. 60031

Massage glove, flax

Art.-Nr. 60062

Massage back strap, flax

Art.-Nr. 60063

Massage brush with wooden pins

Art.-Nr. 60064

Cellulitis brush, dark wood

Art.-Nr. 60093

Sisal sponge

Art.-Nr. 60408

Sisal back strap

Art.-Nr. 60501

Massageroller medium

Art.-Nr. 20275

Massageroller small

Art.-Nr. 20274

Massage brush with coconut bristles

Art.-Nr. 20257

Massage strap, sisal/cotton

Art.-Nr. 60014

Massage glove, sisal/cotton

Art.-Nr. 60013

Konjac Sponge for body care

Art.-Nr. 20035

Sisal massage brush, round

Art.-Nr. 60502

Bamboo flower, black or white

Art.-Nr. 60102

Sisal flower

Art.-Nr. 60101