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Blue provides for a freshness kick, green for deep relaxation, yellow for a good mood and red for new energy – colours have an extremely astonishing effect on us and can be used very deliberately to give our mind and spirit exactly what they need.


So let’s deck out the bathroom with colourful touches! Massage and mesh sponges, gel mask and massage gloves in bright colours create a good mood for body care and a bit of variety in the daily beauty routine. And something out of the ordinary is just the thing for special occasions like Christmas, such as cheerful mesh sponges with a snowman and reindeer look.

"Badepost", Bath salt Milk/Honey 80g

Art.-Nr. 10100

"Badepost", Bath salt Peony 80g

Art.-Nr. 10101

"Badepost", Bath salt Lavender 80g

Art.-Nr. 10102

"Badepost", Bath salt Apple/Cinnamon 80g

Art.-Nr. 10103

"Badepost", Bath salt Vanilla 80g

Art.-Nr. 10104

"Badepost", Bath salt Chocolate 80g

Art.-Nr. 10105

Glitter-Schowergel "Peppermint" 170ml

Art.-Nr. 10200

Glitter-Schowergel "Merry Berry" 170ml

Art.-Nr. 10201

Tweezer "Maori"

Art.-Nr. 20234

Beauty-Set "Maori": glass nailfile and tweezers

Art.-Nr. 20237

Glass nailfile "Swarovski", high quality

Art.-Nr. 20238


Art.-Nr. 20550

Santa Claus

Art.-Nr. 20551


Art.-Nr. 20552


Art.-Nr. 20554


Art.-Nr. 20555


Art.-Nr. 20557


Art.-Nr. 20558

Rose mesh sponge

Art.-Nr. 20700

Magic Flower "Rose"

Art.-Nr. 20800R

Foam sponge

Art.-Nr. 23101

Massage sponge

Art.-Nr. 23601

Massage ball, small

Art.-Nr. 60106


Art.-Nr. 20553


Art.-Nr. 20559


Art.-Nr. 20556

Glass nailfile, 7 Trend Design

Art.-Nr. 20232

Massage ball, large

Art.-Nr. 60100

Magic Flower in satin bag

Art.-Nr. 20800S

Head massage "Spider"

Art.-Nr. 20279

Peeling gloves, pack of 2

Art.-Nr. 20400

Peeling sponge

Art.-Nr. 20500