Sponge encyclopaedia

Kleines Schwammlexikon

Natural sponges grow in the sea and were used for bathing back in antiquity. Like people, every sponge is unique.

Premium sponges are top-quality honeycomb sponges from the Mediterranean that have a particularly nice, high shape and a uniform pore size. Medium sponges are either honeycomb sponges from the Mediterranean or wool sponges from Florida. Medium sponges are qualitatively comparable to premium sponges, but have a less even growth and larger pores. The fine-pore silk sponges that grow at great depths also in the Mediterranean are especially suited for baby and facial care.


Grass sponges from the Caribbean are of inferior quality in terms durability and use compared to sponges from the Mediterranean. Because of their rapid growth in warm and shallow water, grass sponges are less durable, but also considerably less expensive.

Our tip: a Caribbean sponge as decoration in the bathroom brings back holiday memories!






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